Huh. It's been like three months since the last Buckyball. Somebody's been slacking off.

And after BBR6 was such a smashing success, too. I mean, seriously... we went from an average 25 competitors to something like 75! Being promoted on GalNet as well as getting an o-fficial Elite Dangerous tweet really helped get the word out, too. Not gonna lie, it was a little overwhelming, but I loved every minute of it. Thanks to everybody who came out and took a shot at the title! Even though it's been three months and this post is supposed to be about BBR7, I'd like to take a moment to recognize the winners of BBR6:

OPEN UNLIMITED – CMDR Alot, Explodes on Contact, Hauler
SOLO UNLIMITED – CMDR Nomake Wan, Sizzler White, Hauler
OPEN SIDEWINDER – CMDR Gurlagg, Boost or Die
SOLO SIDEWINDER – CMDR MostlyEvilKiwi, Bitey

It was a helluva race, down to the wire, and once again the humble hauler proved to be the ship to beat with it's light frame and powerful FSD. Zorg-Peterson should be dumping credits on all of us for all the free advertising they get for their "little ship that could." Good thing we're not in this for the money, right?

BUT - back to BBR7. It's been a sad fact of life in the big black that the fastest ships, the Eagles, Vipers and now the Vulture can't hang in long-distance runs across known space because they just don't have the jump range. BBR7 is going to be a different in that regard, and a little different from previous runs in general. There's still going to be open and solo divisions, and the Sidewinder Challenge will make a return as well. Even though quite a bit of time has passed since BBR6, I hope a lot of the old gang can make it out for another round.

Unless something changes in the next week, the starting line will be in the vicinity of No Chianga and the starting gun fires at 0-hundred hours on 4/4/3301. So if you're out taking selfies out at Sag A*, you've got plenty of time to make it back and wreck your ship for absolutely no good reason.

See you at the afterparty!




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