It's a brand new year and just about a month ago, Elite: Dangerous went live and now there are several hundred thousand new Commanders all zooming about trying to make a living out there in the big black. Everybody's had time to get used to the controls, maybe made enough credits to upgrade their ships... Undoubtedly now that we're all mindful of insurance rates and maintaining our bank accounts, we can't be foolish enough to engage in rampantly stupid, blatantly irresponsible behaviour, can we? (Note, I threw in the 'U' especially for our CMDRs across the pond. Cheers!)

Oh shit, they made us!

OK, so I haven't been exactly keeping up on the whole Buckyball Run thing lately. I had a race set up for the Gamma, but the boys and girls at Frontier were madly updating the game prior to launch and the universe wasn't quite stable enough to try and run another event. Not to mention, I kinda wanted to play around in the Gamma. So I put it off, in spite of the awesome bumper sticker I cooked up for it, and figured that I'd wait until post-go live to fire off another one.

I know it looks like I only spend like 15 minutes on these things, but it takes at least 20.
Well, E:D released and wouldn't you know it, I kinda wanted to play around in that too before starting another race. So here it is, the 2nd week of January now, and after a couple of inquiries about when the next race would be, I made some vague estimates, drew up a race plan, threw out a SOON (TM), and went back to playing. Then one of the guys shoots me an email. The fine folks at Frontier Development put my "soon" out as a tweet. All the sudden there's pressure. I can't believe Frontier Development, after killing themselves with weeks of late nights, slaving to meet their deadline for release, would put me in the jackpot like this. Especially after just going through that kind of hell themselves. The public can be cruel. I mean, it got re-tweeted 14 times! That's, like, 14 more times more tweets than all the BBR's put together. Not to mention having to come up with a whole new bumper sticker. Thanks, Frontier!

So I guess we're doing this thing. We'll kick off, say... Saturday. Watch the forums for details.

(Seriously, Thanks to FD for all their hard work. The game rocks.)


CMDR Mutant
01/15/2015 2:05pm

Happy 2015!
And thank you for everything!
Dont stop me now!
I cant wait to start the engines.

09/27/2015 10:16pm

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07/07/2016 11:52pm

I had a race set up for the Gamma as you too!

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