I started off last post by saying that things don't always go according to plan. Buckyball Run 4 had the elements of a great event. The Buckyballers were on a mission this time: bootleg illegal booze from the four corners of the Betasphere to Chango Dock and not get caught. They just had to find the booze and bring it back without getting scanned.

Forget the fact a war broke out at one of the checkpoints, Eranin, the day after the race started. Forget the fact that bootlegging became the hobby of choice for everyone trying to stick it to the Feds, thereby causing a run on the market and making impossible to find anywhere. Shit happens. Gotta roll with it. But when you can't even launch your ship or jump into hyperspace, it makes it a little hard to race. Buckyball 4 launched right at the start of Beta 2 and all sorts of instability plagued the universe. A lot of people couldn't even log in to play, let alone make it to the launch pad to fight lag and crashes to the desktop. Still, a small, hardy band pressed on and made some impressive runs and I salute them. Bucky salutes them. Free bumper stickers for all of them, I say!

But times change. The Betasphere stretched out to become Galactic Pill. Ship modding became available. And a whole new host of connectivity issues came with them. But the Frontier Devs did what they always do and fought back the bugs. Who knows how many hours they packed in over the past couple of weeks but it's made a huge difference. In my trials, both solo and multiplayer are stable, the lag has dropped quite a bit, and most importantly you no longer crash to the desktop when entering the procedurally generated systems down the way.

So... There's a whole new region of space to explore. Let's see who can get there first. The Buckyball Run 5 is coming soon to a spaceport near YOU!



11/18/2014 11:07am

outstanding post. Carry on :)

09/04/2015 5:38am

In programming, there is predictability. It is a failure or a success. In my programming class, the only advice that my teacher tells us constantly if we do not get the desired result is to try again until we success. Failure is part of any growing up. I failed my tests in programming many times already, but I manage to turn things around because I love what I do and I want it. So for those of you who get disheartened, do not. Just put your heart into it and do your best.

09/09/2016 2:18am

That's great! Can't wait to check it out! Thank you for this amazing post.

01/01/2017 4:34pm

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05/03/2017 1:35am

There always a lot of places to explore. And not enough time to see everything!


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