The dust has settled and what turned into quite a race is finally over. Newcomer Mutant squeaked by defending two-time Buckyball Champion GHDW to take the Viper class, while another Rookie Runner, Dixie Flatline, swooped in to win the Sidewinder class. But it was a close race in both. The Vipers all ended within a 36 seconds of one another, and before Mutant slammed it into high-gear, the four were within 5 seconds of one another - with TToni and GHDW at one point in a straight tie. The Sideys were a little more open time-wise, but the lead changed hands several times throughout the week. At first, it seemed like no one was going to break 20 minutes in a Sidey, but then CMDR Cogg-Willoughby figured out a better way to run, eliminating a costly refuel stop and the others seemed to follow in his footsteps. It just goes to show that the most obvious route isn't always the best.

This race was also fun because of the variety of ships involved. Every ship class was represented at one point or another except for the short-ranged Eagle, including a hauler, a pair of Anacondas and
Lakon Type-6's, and at the end, Dixie Flatline running his Lakon Type-9 PartyBucket to the finish line with a full load of everything a bunch of racers could need or want for the after party at Romanek's Folly.
Picture"Shoot, a fella could have himself a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff!"
The competition became more fierce, however, and the Lakon 6's and one of the Anaconda's were traded up for the just slightly more nimble and speedy Vipers. But it was fun while it lasted and got me thinking about how any future races will be run. The Sidewinder class is mandatory because it allows anyone in the game to participate regardless of their bank account. Everyone else is lumped together in the "unlimited" class, but it's obvious that anytime the Vipers show up they're going to win it. So, for future races we may very well see the winners in three classes: the Sideys, the Vipers, and an Open class where anybody else can have a reasonable shot at winning without some punk Viper jock spewing exhaust in their windscreens.

There was one other event worthy of note, and that was the introduction of Beta 1.04 midway through the race. Unfortunately, this had the effect of introducing connection problems, lag, crashes to the desktop and all sorts of other issues that made it impossible for some racers to continue to run. Not that we didn't try. But after four or five attempts ending in failure or futility, it was obvious some runners just weren't going to be able to post better times.  At one point I was considering stopping the race early and declaring a winner, but there were still pilots registering times so the event went its full duration. Had the Beta 1.04 not been introduced, the board could have looked very different. Who knows? The fact is luck wasn't with everyone, but as we're playing in an open-world environment where bad luck can happen any number of ways, all you can do is suck it up and wait for the next race. That being said, Buckyball Run 4 is definitely in the works... But I'm not about to start it with the Beta in the shape it's in. Maybe when 1.05 rolls out. Until then, see you around the Betasphere.

EZ Out.


03/19/2016 6:41am

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11/03/2016 4:02pm

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Was this released? Or any beta version to look at?

08/08/2017 5:27am

Can you share some more information about this race, please? I am so interested about it!


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