OK so things don't always go according to plan. Buckyball Run 4 was set up as a standard checkpoint race with an added twist: the start time of each racer would be officially logged, and they'd have only one shot to finish a race that kept the conditions hidden until they started. The idea was to see how well pilots would perform with no preparation and no second chances.

Unfortunately, the Elite: Dangerous universe wasn't going to have it. Because of a change in net code to allow more players in each instance, the game environment has become far too unstable for that kind of condition. People are experiencing all kinds of problems from departure and docking delays to hangs when exiting supercruise to crashes to the desktop. None of which are conducive to a "one-and-done" race like I had envisioned.

Fortunately, fate intervened. An early idea for a Buckyball Run was a race run with illegal contraband where the pilots would have to carry an illegal cargo and sell it at the finish line. Unfortunately, there was no place to BUY illegal goods. Players would have to find cargo drifting at a USS, or create some of their own. Again, none of which is conducive to a race with a level playing field.

Well, a recent update has changed all that. There is now a black market at Chango Dock where alcohol is illegal, but is legally sold elsewhere. So... Buckball Run 4 now has a new objective: bootleggin'. Haul beverages from various locations in the Betasphere and bring 'em back to sell at Chango Dock. Just remember to save a little for the after party...

As for the original Buckyball Run 4, I still like the idea of the one shot race. But that will have to wait until the game stabilizes a bit. Maybe after Beta 2...

In the mean time, fly safe and stay thirsty my friends.

EZ Out.


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