As the second Buckyball Run draws to a close, I'm filled with a certain amount of sadness. Not because it wasn't fun, or because we won't do this again (we will), but because of the realization that the Buckyball Run is not something that will stand the test of time in the Elite: Dangerous universe.

Right now, all of the players are trapped in
a bubble containing 55 star systems in a volume of 29,000 cubic light years. While that sounds like a lot, and in fact an entire game could fit in that space and still have enough content to last a long time, space in Elite: Dangerous is only going to get bigger once the beta ends. A lot bigger. 400 million stars across the Milky Way galaxy bigger. And it's going to be awesome.

But... Once the bubble is burst and all of the players have the freedom to explore the galaxy, what's going to happen? Commanders are going to pack up their favorite ships and set sail to the edge of the map. Even players who decide to stake a claim in a system in "local" space might find themselves a thousand light years from where they started. And all the sudden that 29,000 cubic light year bubble is going to seem like the tip of the sharpest needle.

In order to start a race, you need a starting line and a finish line. Right now, that means spending ten minutes making half a dozen jumps to get to whichever station is lucky enough to host our antics and then saying "go." When the beta ends and the galaxy opens up, pilots who want to race might very well be on their way to the galactic core, or seeing how far out those spiral arms really go. Getting back to the starting line may not be an option.

But such is life. People come and people go. We haven't even had the same group of racers participate in the two Buckyballs we've had thus far. But for those who've come back for seconds, it's been a blast! Hopefully, you will all come back for the third, and the fourth, or however many of them there will be. Regardless of the future of the Buckyball Run, it'll be fun while it lasts.

The Frontier Forums will still be the home of the registration and updates to the current race, but the popularity of topics fade and threads fall into the pit of obscurity
. This little ol' site will be a permanent home for the Buckyball Run, a monument to those who undertook the challenge of a winner-take-nothing race, risking ships and bank accounts for no other reason than to have a good time. Bookmark this page, send the leaderboards to your friends who will have no idea what they are... cry out, and let the world know that you were a Baller!

Or, you know, just post a smartass comment.
That'll work too.

EZ out.



08/24/2014 5:52am

It's 400 BILLION stars, man... not 400 million :)

08/24/2014 5:31pm

Yes you're right, it's a bit sad... so let's enjoy the buckyballs while we can : )
Hopefully Bucky will stay there to remind us of the good ol'days !
Thanks for everything EZ.

08/25/2014 4:39pm

The race had better stay! I know I am not alone in saying I had an absolute blast doing the event!

Whether the logistics involved in us heading over to designated race systems will be prohibitive I couldn't say.....

We will cope! If anyone can make the starting grids on time we can!

We are racers after all!

08/28/2014 12:24pm

[a smartass comment]

I hope you continue organizing and participating, it makes the E:D experience all the more fun.

10/24/2014 7:34am

Electric Zed! As the main forum is down for maintenance/refurb, it got me thinking. Why not have your very own forum here for we racers like some other groups have done? Sometimes BB related jazz can be a pain to search for especially if you haven't been around for a while or two. Just a thought sir!


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