No, the allusion to pool doesn't mean that we're going to be encouraging people to play billiards with other ships in the slot, though that certainly does happen. While doing a trial run for BBR3, for the second time this week I saw an Anaconda bearing down like he was expecting the station to get out of the way. Thankfully, this time, I was on the outside on approach. He was lined up just fine, but at the last second something spooked him and he tried to brake and pull out, which doesn't work for a 600+ ton ship and it slammed nose-first into the station. I was utterly mesmerized, unable to turn away as it plowed into Romanek's Folly, surrounded in a blue haze of shields and thrusters as it scraped its way across the station surface. Even Bucky was freaked out so much by it he had to pour himself a martini afterwards. (He makes a mean martini.)
I really wish I had a flight recorder going because it was amazing to see and intense to watch. I didn't hear a station-shattering kaboom, so I guess he managed to escape relatively intact. I did manage to catch a snapshot as he pulled away, but if I had been just a few seconds quicker I would have caught the Conda standing on its nose in a shot worthy of the cover of the Frontier weekly newsletter...

I suppose I and my fellow pilots should take heed from this and always approach the slot in a controlled, orderly fashion, even when racing. But where's the fun in that?

But I digress. Like I said, I was out running the route of the third Buckyball Run to make sure it was navigable by the base Sidewinder. I had some grand ideas for this next run, wanting to explore some other scenarios like smuggling or trading or maybe even combat. But unfortunately, the pieces are not yet in place for such events. It's just not possible to provide a uniform experience to every racer when it comes to commodities or dogfighting. So, zooming through the cosmos like raving lunatics will have to do.

The course in BBR2 was a long one, especially in a smaller ship, so we're kicking the length back a bit over more compact course. I expect most Sideys will take 20-30 minutes on their first run, though because of the nature of the course the larger ships won't be able to get away with fewer jumps. But I think it should make for a good run.

I'm shooting to start this race on Sunday, GMT. Hope to see the old gang there, and maybe some new faces as well. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for kamikaze Anaconda pilots on your way through the slot. They're everywhere.

EZ out.


09/09/2014 3:39am

Is the information published outside the forums, like this blog ;) ? I'm boycotting the forums due to heavy-handed mods giving out misguided warnings.

03/15/2017 1:56am

So what is Bucky going to do with us if we are not nice? Is he a kangaroo? That was a really adorable animal. Not all mammals are the same. Our furry and not always friendly friends have different temperament. I like how you used him in this picture to scare hecklers. I know from the looks of it I think he can really kick and it's going to hurt.

09/09/2014 9:20pm

Hey Cap! We wondered what happened to you on the ED Forums. Sorry you missed out on BBR3. I'll make sure to post BBR4 info here as well so you can get back in on the action. The Run ain't the same without ya. ;)

09/11/2014 11:09am

Great, thank, looking forward to that!

11/17/2015 5:16am

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Have you started that race? Can you share your emotions with us?

06/28/2017 6:14am

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